Thematic conferences - On-line (22 October 2021)

Among the announced speakers : ESA (European Space Agency), DGLV, NCP, L'Ecole Royale Militaire, Skeyes,

PROGRAM : on-line version

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Thematic conferences - On-line (22 October 2020)

PROGRAM : on-line

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  • 10.00am
    ESA - "Space technologies for drones : how ESA can help you develop your drone applications"
    Mr Nicolas Helssen - ESA Business Applications Ambassador Belgium - (EN)

  • 10.30am
    SEREN4 - NCP - "Last calls under horizon 2020 (Green Deal) & first insights on HorizonEurope - Drone related topics"
    Ms Kardelen Kala - NCP Brussels - (EN)

  • 11.00am
    BELGIAN DRONE COUNCIL - DGTA/DGLV - "The European legislation"
    Mr Quentin Van Coppenolle - (NL-FR)

  • 11.30am
    - "Monitor your operational risks an essential need for the continuity of your business : how can the drone contribute to this issue"
    Lr Patrick Hebbelynck (EN)

  • 12.00am
    SKEYES - "Towards a further integration of drones in controlled airspace"
    Mr Olivier Nicolay - (EN)

  • 12.30am
    TRACTEBEL - "UAVs on an interactive platform for emergency services"
    Mr Huges Forest - (FR)

  • 01.00pm
    BELGIAN DRONE FEDERATION - "Drones, hoogvliegers van de toekomst" - "L'avenir sourit aux drones, ces engins de haut vol"
    Mr Elwin Van Herck (FR-NL)

  • 01.30pm
    KOAN LAW FIRM - "Safety and Security : Things to know before you fly"
    Mr Thibault Caeymaex & Mr Quentin Willemart - (FR)

  • 02.00pm
    - "UAV based video transmission over 4G/5G networks. Tactical observation platform – UAV"
    Mr Tom De Jaeger - (EN)

  • 02.30pm
    SKYWIN - "Prestigioux : An European cluster partnership to go international for Uav Sme's"
    Mr Pierre Jean Fondu - (FR)

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