26 November 2021

Conferences - Online (26 November 2021)

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  • 10.00am - Welcome to Drone-Days
  • 10.05am
    Belgian Drone Federation - "Drones Europe : barriers, challenges and goals"
    Mr Elwin Van Herck - President - (EN)
  • 10.20am
    JEDA - "Official start of the new European Drone Federation"
    Mr Baptiste Simonot - President of the Professional Civilian Drone Federation - (EN)
  • 10.30am
    EASA - "Operations in Specific"
    Mr Natale Di Rubbo - Project Manager Drones
  • 11.00am
    European Drone Cooperation - "Drone cooperation in Europe"
    Dr. Christina Eisenberg - Networkmanager & treasurer CURPAS e.V. Germany
  • 11.15am
    Eurocontrol - "Challenges to integrate drones in city mobility plans"
    Mr Munish Khurana - Senior manager
  • 11.30am
    ESA - "Hand-on opportunities for drone players via calls for proposals/Open competitions from ESA"
    Mr Nicolas Helssen - ESA Business Applications Ambassador Belgium
  • 11.50am
    Royal Military Academy - "Military research and collaboration with civil players"
    Mr Geert De Cubber - Senior Researcher
  • 12.10am
    International Transport Forum at the OECD - "Ready for Take-Off? Integrating drones into the Transport System"
    Ms Elisabeth Windisch - Policy Analyst
  • 12.30am
    NCP - "Calls for proposals on drone-related topics under Horizon Europe EU R&DI program"
    Ms Ji-Hyeon Kim Vanguers - Ms Michèle Kaisin - Ms Kardelen Kala - Ms Marion Perrin - Ms Camille Lepinay - Mr Frédéric Suche - Hub Brussels
  • 01.30pm
    WTCB/CSTC BBRI- "Drones & reality capture : innovative tools for the regrofitting sector"
    Mr Samuel Duboit - Project lead
  • 01.45pm
    Sensefly - "The eBee, a versatile lightweight drone for a maximum coverage missions"
    Mr Victor Bonthoux - Regionale Sales Manager
  • 02.00pm
    Pix4D - "Streamlining data capturing and data analysis for BIM"
    Mr Henri Battke - Regional Manager
  • 02.30pm
    Universiteit Wageningen - "Drones observations in precision agriculture"
    Mr Corné Kempenaar - Senior research
  • 02.45pm
    VITO - "Business Development Remote Sensing"
    Mr Jurgen Decloedt - Business Development
  • 03.00pm
    Flyability - "Indoor drone inspections, a safe and efficient alternative for confined spaces"
    Mr Francois Theil - Sales Manager
  • 03.15pm
    Indros - "Street scanning and automatic material detection by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning"
    Mr Guy Meyvaert - Manager
  • 03.30pm
    Pelgrim technologies - "Industrial inspections"
    Ms Anne-Marie Haute - Ceo
  • 03.45pm
    Citymesh - "Enabling BVLOS operations trough mobile private networks"
    Mr Ward Van Ooteghem - Chief Solution Manager
  • 04.00pm
    UGent - "Drone Innovation Research @ IDLab"
    Mr Jerico Moeyersons - PhD research at IDLab
  • 04.30pm
    Helicus - "Enabling medical services through drone transport / SAFIR"
    Mr Mikael Shamim - Ceo
  • 04.45pm
    SABCA - "Safety Critical Missions/Aviation Grade Systems for advanced air mobility"
    Mr Steven Wille - Business Unit Director UAS

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