Drone-Days 2.1, digital exhibition, will be held on November 26 and 27, 2021.
We are emphasizing the European dimension by ensuring the participation of all.

The first day, Friday November 26,201, organized in collaboration with the Belgian Drone Federation, will be devoted to professional pilots with thematic conferences. The speakers for this day are Belgian and European, technical and legal experts. Conferences

Once again this year, we are collaborating with Enterprise Europe Brussels in order to organize a European meeting platform - B2B - between professionals in the drone sector and businesses in more conventional sectors interested in the advantages offered by civilian drone expertise. B2B

The second day, Saturday November 27, 2021, will be the first digital drone festival.

The best films in the categories "The drone in the service of technology", "The artist's eye", "The thrills of the FPV" will be awarded.

It will also be an opportunity for the general public to discover the world of drones.

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